History was made with AnyCivilization
The game is proud to announce that first multidimensional metaverse game in ecosystem. AnyC game is the fastest growing and largest P2E multiplayer third-person game in the Avalanche ecosystem. The game has powered by Unity Engine. It presents to phenomenal gamers the most hype graphics with "play to earn" and "create to earn" concepts. P2E events with a capacity of 100K+ players are organized through portals that provide time-space independence and are included in each player's calendar.

Citizens are able to create their very own NTFs, from outfit they wear to vehicle they drive.

Players can use their designs as game assets. These assets can be outfits, vehicles, weapons or houses.

The game allows the player to use their own NFTs. Citizens know how to create and use NFTs.


You can walk around the city. Make your own home or rent one.

Grab a coffee and socialise with your friends. Purchase a car and design it as you wish.

Get a job or build your own company. Improve your skills and fulfill your needs.

Always be prepared for special events!
EARN Players can resell or lease their lands, real estate, warehouses, malls, gas stations, hotels, vehicles and more.

Players can build a facility to produce resources or work at one of them to obtain these resources, which can be exchanged for NON Token at built-in marketplace.

Players can participate special events for NON Token and NFT rewards.

$NON is the native token of AnyCivilization. NON will be used as in-game currency; to purchase, trade, and lease in-game assets.
Your gateway to AnyCivilization. Citizens, as a main character of AnyCivilization Game, are improvable NFTs. Citizens can improve their skills by working, producing, participating game events and increase their $NON rewards as well.
Special built-in marketplace for Resources and NFTs, where Citizens can exhibit their designs and sell them.

Blockchain Dev
Emrah Sayın
Vefa Çınar
Burak Tur
Product Manager
İnci Bayramoğlu
Mert Demir
Marketing Team Lead
Oğuzhan Erkol
Başak Yılmaz
Metehan Ketçi
Tunahan Ketçi
Game Artist
Alper Kağan Zorba
Game Artist
Bahadır Berkay
Game Artist
İnanç Berkay
Game Artist
Begüm Çeliker
Game Developer
Çağdaş Kemaloğlu
Game Developer
Batuhan Lüleci
Game Developer
Abdullah Bağlan
Game Designer
Boğaçhan Aydın
3D Animator
Süleyman Çiçek



One-way ticket to the AnyCivilization Metaverse!

Citizens are created with ERC721 NFT Standard. Unlike many other NFTs, each Citizen begin their life with same level of skills. These skills can be improved by contributing to resource production or doing R&D.
It is all up to players to make their Citizen NFT unique!


In-Game Tokens

Fungible Tokens: Vital resources for Citizens and Input materials for R&D (Raw materials)
• Food
• Water
• Electricity
• Ore
Semi-Fungible Tokens: R&D Products (Semi-Raw Materials)
• Nutrition
• Industrial Production
• Consumer Goods Production
Non-Fungible Tokens: Final Products
• Buildings
• Vehicles
• Outfits
• Weapons
• Land
• Enzo

Road Map - Soon!